Saludos, Paula (they/she) at your service! I'm a Puerto Rican artist that loves to tell stories by way of comics and illustrations. When I'm not working, I like to read and crochet.
If I had to pick a dream, it would be to reach a broader audience with my stories. That, and eternal sweater weather.


If there's a comic that's caught your attention, tap or click on it's title to be redirected. Some of my comics can be read online, while others are available through my shop and Patreon.

Straight D's

Romance, Slice of LifeDanny's life has always been full of Ds. Whether it was at school or his love life, a capital D always followed. The night he met Darwin at Dandelion was no exception.
A love story about two Ds that had nothing in common except for the need for a straight-up constant in their lives.

Pythagoras' Flower

Fantasy, AdventureHaving just left her home, Hypatia sets out in search of a special flower that she believes will cure her grandfather's illness. It sounds like a pretty easy quest, right? Well, it is, until she finds out that said sprout has quite an attitude, and has yet to mature. So then, what better way to gain some EXP than going on an adventure or two?

Short Comics

¡Tri cor tri!

Slice of life, ComedyA pair of siblings sets out on a mission: trick or treating! Let's see how they do at their first stop...

Restless Dreams

Slice of life, RomanceThis is a short comic featuring Danny and Darwin from "Straight D's."
From time to time, Danny suffers from nightmares involving his ex. He used to wake up alone and afraid, but now he doesn't have to. He has Darwin.

Closeted Demon

Coming of Age, FantasyÁngel just wants to fit in. He's a demon, but he wants to mingle with humans without being made a spectacle. His bandmates don't really understand why he wants to fit in amongst humans, but they still come up with a plan to help Ángel blend in. Now, on to the concert! Sure hope nothing happens...


Fantasy, AdventureA "Pythagoras' Flower" short comic. In this side quest, Hypatia and the gang visit their local festival. Hypatia is a huge fan of chance games, so when she encounters a nefarious looking stall offering high value prizes, she can't resist trying her "luck".

Ink Bleed

Adventure, HorrorThis is a collection of comics and illustrations that I’ve made over the past few years for Drawtober. The first edition features illustrations based on @SarahDandh's OC-tober prompt list.Short comics in this anthology:"Come Little Pumpkins"
"Wicked Apothecary"
"Harvest Festival"


RomanceA mini-comic featuring the main characters from my webcomic, "Straight D's." I wanted to briefly show two sides of the same story; two perspectives of the same day. This zine can be read from front to back or vice-versa. Both stories end in the middle.

Art books

Sweater Weather

This is collection of 2017's Drawtober illustrations. I made these drawings a few weeks after hurricane María impacted Puerto Rico. There wasn't much we could do at the time, so I took on Drawtober as a way to keep busy during those rough times.


Catarina Freytas: Prólogo

A collaboration with Puerto Rican author, Raymond Vollmond. This short comic is an illustrated adaptation of the prologue from Vollmond's novel, "Catarina Freytas y el anillo perdido."


Recent Projects

Promotional Campaign for PBCD

Stronger Than Your Bike 3.0

Commissions: OPEN

These commissions are for personal use only. For commercial inquiries, please send me an email for a custom quote.

  • Turnaround: 1-2 weeks

  • Simple coloring and shading included

  • Can draw: OCs, fanart, portraits, anthro and mild NSFW.

  • Won't draw: mecha, gore, explicit NSFW



  • Additional characters/people: 25% off original price

  • Pets: 50% off original price

  • Backgrounds: Prices start at $30 and will go up depending on the complexity of the request

Commission Process:

  1. DM me on IG or send me an email:

  2. Commission must be payed in full upfront (Accepted payment methods: ATH móvil and Paypal)

  3. After receiving payment, a sketch of the commission will be sent. Revisions must be made during this phase. There will be up to 2 revision rounds. Additional revisions, or revision requests made after the sketch phase, will result in an additional charge.

  4. A digital file of the commission will be sent via email upon completion